Cecilia Beronius

Cecilia Beronius

Embodiment Coach | Guiding people home to their conscious embodiment

Ohm Cecilia

Hey - I feel you! 7 years ago I woke up to a version of me that I didn´t recognize. I felt completely disconnected from myself and what I wanted. I felt aimless, unsatisfied and the bubbly excitement in my belly I used to woke up with every morning as a kid, was long gone. The life I´d somewhat mysterious created for myself felt like a huge burden that I now had to carry on my delicate shoulders and figure out in order to survive. That day was the first day of the beginning of my journey back home to me. Since then, I´ve met with my shadows, let go off the limited and deceitful beliefs that my life was built upon and reconnected to the being underneath, me. My own felt experiences is now wisdom that I share with others. Like a bridge between here and where you want to go, I´m inviting you to get real and intimate with your human, to fiercely meet the version of you today and explore the boundless possibilities life has to offer you. I´m here to guide you beyond your minds limitations, mirror you in your radiant potential and show your nerves system that it´s safe to reconnect with your body again. The conscious embodied way, is a path that leads you back home to you, to a sense of wholeness. It brings you back to your true human experience, putting you in connection with your senses and unlocking the potential to live a conscious, embodied life fueled by your desires and wildest dreams.This is the wild, raw journey of discovering what you really are. I feel you and now it´s time for you to feel yourself too. I can´t wait to join you on your greatest adventure.


Consciously Embodied, Whole, Grounded, Energized, Feeling safe, Calmed nerves system, Aligned with what you want, Feeling with awareness, Turned on by life, Tools to meet all of you, Fully seen and acknowledged in your experience

Fakta Cecilia

Conscious Body work
Parts work
Awareness training
Emotional alchemy
Fear Inventory
Shadow work
Områden jag behandlar
Conscious Embodiment
Ceremony integration
Self Mastery
Masculine/Feminine Dynamics
Conscious relating
Nervous System Regulation
Integration work
Shadow work
Min Squad
Fysiskt möte
I´m offering 30-minutes free intro session over zoom
I believe the most significant insights come from your own felt experiences and the wisdom within those moments. Most of what I´m teaching is coming from my own experiences over the past 7 years and can´t be learned through a program or read in a book. I invite you to find a guide that inspires you who awakens something within and can lead you to your own inner guidance and felt experiences. I have 300+ hours experience of proffessionally guiding others 1-1 and in Group sessions. Here are some of the courses I´ve taken
Cert. Life Coach and Guide 2020
Transformation Service Cert. Career Coaching 2020
Transformation Service Cert. Happiness Life Coach 2020 Self Mastery 1 and 2 Program 2016-2019 Pathway to Happiness Being Me (four rounds)
Facilitator Coach 2020-2023
Intense Feminine embodiment training Tantra Queen Coaching 2022
Breathing to Manage Bodily State based on Polyvagal Theory Michael Allison 2021
The Art of Energy Healing James Seriph 2020

3 tips för att bry ohm

Conscious Bodywork

Moving, sounding, shaking, breathing and touching with awareness, are the most beautiful ways of meeting and loving all of you.

Intentional check in´s!

Simply closing your eyes, allowing your attention to drop inward and meet with what is alive in you in the present moment without searching for anything, making sense or judging what is there. So nurturing and a great way to start exploring the depths of what you are.

Your personal support system!

Creating a support protocol for you and your body with Nervous system regulation practices, supportive people to reach out to, words of wisdom you want to remember, supportive playlists and a lot of TRUST.

Människor säger

”Det häftigaste för mig har varit att upptäcka att svaren finns inom mig, att jag kan sluta leta och rådfråga andra. När jag är medveten så skiftar jag fokus till att känna istället för att tänka och jag känner svaren, de behövs inte analyseras och tänkas ut”.
Sofie G
"Cecilia has a gift of imbuing her words, her silence, and her energy in deep love and understanding that I wish everyone could get to experience at least once"

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